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Vem ?r Kobad Ghandy? Kobad Ghandy, the Indian Maoist leader who has been arrested, worked in Chattisgarh state, a main centre of rebel activity. Suvojit Bagchi of BBC Bengali met him last year. The following are excerpts from his interview: Has the Maoists’ emphasis on educating the poor contributed to their rise in Chattisgarh? We are trying to […]

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Naxalittext om kvinnornas betydelse i r?relsen

Texten finns upplagd h?r med intressanta bilder:

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2009-10-17 Intervju med naxalitledaren Ganapathy

17 October 2009 “We Shall Certainly Defeat the Government” Somewhere in the impregnable jungles of Dandakaranya, the supreme commander of CPI (Maoist) spoke to Open on issues ranging from the Government’s proposed anti-Naxal offensive to Islamist Jihadist movements. H?mtad fr?n tidningen Open. BY?Rahul Pandita “From two to three states, the movement has now spread to […]

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Intressant uttalande fr?n naxaliterna om Syrien

Nu verkar ju det akuta anfallskrigshotet vara ?ver men kriget mot Syrien forts?tter med utl?ndskt st?d. Intressant h?r ?r hur naxaliterna uppfattar det syriska folkets kamp mot imperialisternas angrepp som en del av deras egen kamp mot imperialismen. De kallar USA f?r “neonazi”, man f?rmoda att det syftar p? deras str?van efter v?rldsherrav?lde. “CC, CPI […]

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LIC is the cruelest counter revolutionary war of the imperialists

“Concept of LIC and development as a most reactionary strategy of all types of reactionaries after 2nd?world war or in the modern world; the question of its concrete application in our country against our movement by the ruling classes aligning with imperialists, particularly; its forms of unarmed and armed organization-structures and commands of state level, […]

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Naxaliterna varnar f?r nya regeringsattacker

COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) CENTRAL COMMITTEE June 11, 2013 See through the conspiracy of the ruling classes to launch bigger offensives on the people using the 25 May attack as a pretext. Unite, Fight back and Defeat the ‘War on People’. The gangster community that made Indian Parliament its lair is in panic. Terrified. […]

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L?nge leve den filippinska revolutionens avancering och v?gen till segern!

L?nge leve den filippinska revolutionens avancering och v?gen till segern! S? inleds dokumentet utgivet av CPI (Maoist) i slutet av april i ?r som f?rd?mer Oplan Bayanihan. Vad ?r nu detta kanske du t?nker, ”Oplan” ?r ett ord som inleder andra kampanjer av den amerikanska satellitstaten Filippinerna emot folket och revolution?rer som tex. Oplan Mamamaya […]

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Observe 24-hour ‘Dandakaranya Bandh’ on April 8, 2013

COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) DANDAKARANYA SPECIAL ZONAL COMMITTEE April 2, 2013 Observe 24-hour ‘Dandakaranya Bandh’ on April 8, 2013 In protest of the brutal killing of ten comrades by TPC-Police-CRPF combine in Chhatra district, Jharkhand, And in protest of indiscriminate firing and killing of five comrades in Gadchiroli district, Maharastra by C-60 commandos! Defeat […]

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Condemn the execution of Afzal Guru!

COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) CENTRAL COMMITTEE Press Release February 13, 2013 Condemn the execution of Afzal Guru! Activists of mass movements, nationality struggles and revolutionaries are not terrorists, the Indian State itself is the biggest terrorist!   The Indian State which boasts itself as world’s biggest democracy has executed Afzal Guru on February 9, […]

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Partiprogram f?r Indiens Kommunistiska Parti (maoisterna) (fr?n 21 sept. 2004)

S?kning i partiprogrammet F?r att underl?tta orienteringen i programmet som har 34 punkter och inte n?gra rubriker s? ligger b?rjan p? det f?rsta stycket under varje punkt som en l?nk h?r nedan. Man f?r en indikation om vad punkten handlar om genom att l?sa den f?rsta raden.   1.?V?r ?lskade moderland Indien ?r ett av […]

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