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Ett sj?lvmord var trettionde minut

Det h?r ?r en delvis snabb?vers?ttning/referat av en intervju i amerikanska Democracy Now, byggt p? en rapport man hittar h?r. Intervjun finns som video eller ljudfil h?r. Vidarbha som n?mns har vi tagit upp tidigare i bloggen. Om man diskuterar den nydemokratiska revolutionen i Indien borde st?d till de h?r utsatta odlarna ligga h?gt p? […]

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Vidarbha’s Dying Fields And Farmer’s Suicides By Vikram Jadav 03 May, 2011The Verdict Weekly While the government of India and Maharashtra, led-by Congress, which  claims itself as a party of aam aadmi and one of the world’s fastest growing economies, only images of this new prosperity have reached the impoverished rural areas where two thirds of India’s 1.1 billion people […]

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