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Dr?narplan s?tts in mot Indiens fattigaste

B?nder d?r, de beg?r sj?lvmord i tusental ?ver hela landet, de vr?ks fr?n sin mark och nu d?dar federala trupper b?nder – fr?n stamfolken – i djungeln i Chattisgarh och Orissa, i Bengalen och Jharkhand, genom att “f?rd?ma” dem som maoister. Men arbetstagarna inte ingen roll att spela i detta or?ttf?rdiga krig som har startats […]

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Debatt om feminism i Indien

Dear Friends Greetings! Please click on the link given below to watch a debate on feminism in India. It has a very impressive panel of people on this programme which includes: Gloria Steinem, Amartaya Sen, Ruchira Gupta, Urvashi Butalia and Nandita Das. The issues related to gender, caste and class does come in for debate. […]

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New York Times “uppt?cker” rasism i Indien

Det var som fan – NYT uppt?cker rasism i Indien. De svarta smutsiga! Det var det v?rsta jag har h?rt. Jag VET att afrikanerna ?r MYCKET renligare i allt ?n indier och européer med f?r den delen. Rasism virusen sprider sig ?ver hela v?rlden. Det blir ?ckligare med var dag. /Einar A Racist Turn […]

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Alfa Lavals Thomas Thuresson, finansdirekt?r: “Jag ?r ocks? os?kert anst?lld!”

Alfa Laval i Indien har lyckats f?rhala tiden fram till februari i domstolen ?terigen. 402 arbetare i Indien strejkar f?r fasta jobb.

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Rikshawf?rarnas st?d f?r de politiska f?ngarna i indiska delstaten Manipur

Rickshawdragare och handlare b?r svarta flaggor och emblem till st?d f?r den internationella aktionsdagen f?r solidaritet med de politiska f?ngarna i Indien

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Irl?ndska republikaner protesterar f?r de politiska f?ngarna i Indien

Under parollen “Indien, ett f?ngelse f?r folkr?relsen” demonstrerade irl?ndska republikaner utanf?r irl?ndska ambassaden i Dublin. Den bl? flaggan ?r en irl?ndsk anti-kolonial socialistisk symbol fr?n 1914. Det ?r stj?rnor som bildar en plog och kommer fr?n en ledare som talade om det fria Irland fr?n “plogen till stj?rnorna”.

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Kanadensiskt parti lyfter fr?gan om de politiska f?ngarna i Indien

Support Political Prisoners and People’s Activists in India January 25th, 2014 The International Committee to Support the People’s War in India has called January 25th to be the International Day of Solidarity and Struggle for the release of political prisoners in India. This call is welcome as it recognizes the need of the hour. Today, […]

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Sj?bergs boktips: 1857. Om britternas stora skr?ck f?r indiska uppror.

Oxford : Peter Lang, 2010. ISBN?978-1-906165-27-7 Finns att l?na h?r: The Indian Uprising of 1857, in which Indian soldiers (‘sepoys’) turned against the British whom they had served faithfully for decades, had a profound impact on the colonial psyche, and its spectre haunted the British until the very last days of the Raj. For […]

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Sj?bergs boktips: Thuggee, tjuvar och banditer i brittiska Indien

F?rlag:?Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.? ISBN:?9780230547179 Often described merely as a colonial construction, the phenomenon of thuggee remains one of the more contentious and controversial subjects of nineteenth-century south Asian history. Based largely on new material, this book constitutes the first in-depth examination of thuggee as a type of banditry, emerging in a specific socio-economic and […]

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India: the prison house of People’s Movements

The burning issue of the continuing incarceration of thousands of political prisoners in India, the bitter reality behind the facade of the so-called largest democracy in the world, of a penal state armed with the worst kinds of draconian laws is brought forth in sharp relief in a press statement issued by Abhay, the spokesperson […]

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