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Grym barnaga standard i Indien

Aga ?r inte l?ngre till?ten varken i Sverige eller Tyskland.?Men titta h?r – i Indien ?r det fortfarande anv?nt i tusen former.?Liksom i Afrika – men d?r har de l?rt sig den uppfostringsmetoden?av de vita (det ?r fakta – det var helt ok?nd i Afrika innan dess).?Men jag vet inte om det var likadant i […]

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Den daliga terrorn i Chattisgarh

En unders?kning i Chattisgarh visar daglig terror, arresteringar,?v?ldt?kter etc. ?Och s? undrar de varf?r de tar till vapen. /Einar War And The Lightness of Being Adivasi: Security Camps And Villages In?Bijapur, Chhattisgarh By People’s Union For Democratic Rights Between December 26th and 31st 2014, a PUDR fact-finding team visited 9?villages of Bijapur district, Chhattisgarh […]

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Indiska myndigheter anv?nder v?r facebookprofil (se deras falska chat)

Ig?r s? skickade en indisk facebookv?n bilder p? m?rdade och v?ldtagna naxalitkvinnor via chatten p? facebook. N?r jag scrollade upp s?g jag att “jag” hade chattat med honom tidigare. Det ?r bara det att “jag” inte ?r “jag”. Falskchattaren erbjuder i chatten ovan att skicka en rapport av CPI(maoist) fr?n ett naxalitst?dm?te i Milano i […]

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Adivasi Campaign for Human Rights

Dear all, on behalf of the “Adivasi Campaign for Human Rights”, I have the pleasure?to share its first brief report, “Adivasi Campaign demands rejection of?the Land Acquisition Ordinance, 2014” which is available at? The ‘Adivasi Campaign for Human Rights’ (Adivasi Campaign) has been?recently established to lead the national campaign of the?Adivasis/Indigenous Peoples of India, majority […]

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Defence Committee for the Release of Com. Hem & All other Political Prisoners (JNU)

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, have come together to form a platform, “Defence Committee for the Release of Comrade Hem and All Other Political Prisoners”. The need for such a committee has been felt for a long time, and is more necessary than ever in today’s context when all forms of dissent and protests […]

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Amnesty International Calls for release of four Maoist Sympathisers arrested in Kerala

Amnesty International India today demanded the immediate release of four maoists sympathisers, arrested in Kerala for allegedly being involved in unlawful activities after some ‘pro-Maoist’ materials were retrieved from their homes. “Mere possession of certain kinds of literature cannot be a ground for arresting someone”, said Shemeer Babu, Programmes Director, Amnesty International India. … “Authorities […]

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Arundhati Roy And Hundreds Of Others Demand Unconditional Release Of Prominent Social Activists Arrested In Kerala

By Concerned Citizens Arundhati Roy and several other intellectuals, writers, social activists?and common citizens from around the world demand the release of Jaison?Cooper, a well-known social activist and blogger who actively engaged in a variety of people’s struggles in Kerala and Thushar Nirmal Sarathy, a?civil rights activist in the forefront of people’s struggles, arrested?under […]

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Kommunistgrupp p? Sri Lanka g?r st?daktioner f?r naxaliterna

January 29-30-31 solidarity action day activities in Sri Lanka ?????? 29-30-31 ???????? ????????? ????? ??????? ???????????? Ceylon Maoists carried propaganda works parallel with January 29-30-31 in 2015 Solidarity action days for support to the PW in India. It has launched to spread news about Indian revolution, to give support and express internationalist fraternity to Indian […]

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Indien stora ok?nda uppror mot britterna

Den h?r historien har jag aldrig h?rt om. Ett stort uppror?mot det brittiska imperiet utbr?t?50 ?r innan “myteriet” 1857. ?/Einar Love Godse, Hate Tipu Sultan: Why The ‘Tiger of Mysore’ Still Troubles?The Saffrons By Subhash Gatade?05 January, 2015. ? The saffrons have done it again.?They have once again showed utter contempt towards the legacy of?legendary […]

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Vi f?r inte gl?mma Kashmir

Vi f?r inte gl?mma Kashmir. Jag tror att i ?gonblicket ??r?kriget d?r v?rre ?n emot daliterna. Terrorn ?r fruktansv?rd. / Einar L?s h?r fr?n min v?n André Vltchek Kashmir is Bleeding – Half of Humanity Now Forms the‘ Resistance’ by ANDRE VLTCHEK  

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