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Allt fler b?rjar fatta vilken skurk Modi ?r

BJP Routed In Delhi; End of “Modi Wave”? By Countercurrents It seems that BJP president Amit Shah’s tactics of dividing and polarising socieity to win elections didn’t pay off rich dividents in Delhi. Modi’s charisma that won BJP so many elections in the past failed to impress the Delhi voters. Does it mean that […]

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Solidarisk kamp mot land grabbing

De fattigaste i samh?llet k?mpar solidariskt mot landgrabbing i Uttar?Pradesh. De kr?ver ett moratorium. /?Einar Lucknow Declaration By Annual Convention of Uttar Pradesh Land Alliance Landless agricultural labourers, Khet Mazdoors, Dalits, Adivasis, most backward communities, Pasmanda Muslims, women, activists working on land and livelihood issues from different parts of Uttar Pradesh gathered here on […]

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Den indiska tidningen som brukar publicera Jan Myrdal hotad

‘Frontier Magazine’ Faces Threat: Defend ‘Frontier’ By Farooque Chowdhury Frontier, probably, the thinnest and the most-plain appearing English weekly from Kolkata, a city with protest and politics, resistance and revolution faces an imminent threat of eviction …

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Rasistisk terror

I Nagaland forts?tter kampen mot ursprungsbefolkningen och daliterna som vanligt. Mob (in)justice In Dimapur By Parvin Sultana Dimapur is regarded as the business capital of Nagaland, a state in the?Northeastern region of India. This small town was jolted by a series of?horrific incidents that took place on 5th March, 2015. A man accused of […]

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En kritik av filmen “Indias daughter”

H?r har vi en bra kritik av filmen som tar upp fr?gor som inte n?mndes i filmen. Och titta p? postern – mycket bra. / Einar A Short Note On ‘India’s Daughter’ By V. Arun Kumar I recently watched the BCC’s documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ made by LesleeUdwin. The document is strong one exposing the […]

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Mer om kvinnornas situation i Indien.

When Will The Good Times (Achhe Din) Come For Women In India? By Shobha Shukla While stone statues of the female form (Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga/Kali)?are worshipped in temples and religious rituals, a large number of those?made of flesh and blood face violence on the streets and in homes, and encounter discrimination throughout their lives […]

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Ny l?nk till “Indias Daughter”

L?nken till filmen Indias Daughter fungerar inte nedan. H?r ?r en annan: ?n s? l?nge funkar den.?Det mest fruktansv?rda i filmen ?r att de d?r?pojkspolingarna inte k?nde n?gon ?nger och att m?nga, ?ven?‘educated ones’, sade att de skulle straffa och ?ven br?nna upp?sina d?ttrar om de gjorde n?gonting ‘fel’.?Det finns mycket att diskutera om […]

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Se filmen “Indias daughter”

H?r kommer filmen (59 min) by BBC. Har bara sett b?rjan.?Men jag tror att den ?r r?tt s? bra. Vi borde?g?ra en visning. /Einar India’s Daughter Banned Delhi Nirbhaya Documentary Powerful film by Leslee Udwin about the rape & murder of Jyoti Singh?that set India alight. Banned in India ahead of its planned broadcast.?

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“Indias daughter”, krav p? censurering av ny film

H?ll ?gonen ?ppna f?r den h?r dokument?ren –?n?gra ‘concerned persons’ (vi vet vem s?dana ?r)vill inte att den skall visas eller ?tminstone?censureras. Kvinnoorganisationer protesterar. / Einar “India’s Daughter” : A Ban Is Not The Solution By National Federation Of Indian Women National Federation Of Indian Women (NFIW) strongly opposes the banning?of the documentary India’s […]

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