Frank Ocean Talks New Album, Turning Down Kanye West Collabo


Zane Lowe at BBC 1xtra caught up with the most civilized member of Odd Future, Frank Ocean after his first performance in the UK to talk about his new album which is currently in the works. 

On the process of his new album thus far:

“The record is written, we’re just trying to tie up all the production. Get everything sonically pleasing to me. When I started writing this record that was one of the things I said. I wanted to be able to perform well, for it to transition to stage well… It feels good, they work out well.”

On working with Kanye this time around:

“I said, ‘As much as I want to work with you… I kind of want to do this without you. I kind of want this to be done without you. I kind of want to do it on my own.'”

On taking his sound to the next level: 

“I wanted it to be an expansion, sonically I wanted to be the next, whatever the next tier for me is, be that. Just open up, challenging song structures, challenging a lot of the things I made on the last project.”

Below, you can see Frank perform two of his newly recorded songs, “Real Love” and “Disillusioned.”

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